Humanitarian Aid Fund

The sluggish economy is affecting many in Southern Oregon. Families and individuals continuously reach out to us for support in getting their basic necessities like food, fuel, heating for their homes and in some cases shelter and medical treatment.

We reach out to the elderly, single moms, orphans and widows, and other vulnerable members of society to ensure that they have their basic necessities.  No child in Southern Oregon should go to sleep hungry, no single mom should be stranded at home because their gas tank is empty and no poor college student should have to think twice about getting antibiotics; we are here for them.

Hospital Pastoral Care

On a weekly basis or upon request, Rabbi Avi or a volunteer from Chabad visits patients at the local hospitals to cheer them up, recite a prayer, get their Hebrew name for the "Mi-Sheberach" blessing to be recited in the synagogue, and offer any other assistance they may need in their time of distress.

We are here to assist patients with their physical, material, spiritual & emotional needs.


We don’t anticipate it and we certainly don’t want it, but there are times when we’ll inevitably step back and say, “I need help”. In any kind of crisis, big or small, we are here to help. We will provide a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on when times get tough. Project Dignity helps individuals and families live through the ups and downs in the most positive way. At a difficult time, a chat with the Rabbi or Faigy may very well help a person see things in a clearer perspective.

We don’t hesitate, when needed, to guide the individual/couple to seek out professional medical help.

Funerals / Jewish Burial Society

Understanding tragedy with compassion.

No one is ever prepared to cope with a tragedy. When people are thrown into that dark abyss of crisis or loss, the pain and the grief is accompanied by a crushing feeling of isolation and bewilderment by the many unknowns of this new uncharted territory.

Project Dignity’s mission is to provide support and assistance to individuals experiencing crisis or tragedy by providing vital community services, which include safeguarding the dignity of the deceased, arranging buriel while discouraging cremation, working with the coroner's office to stop autopsies, and assisting the bereaved during these times. Throughout life’s darkest moments, Project Dignity is a source of light and warmth, encouragement and direction.