Rabbi Avi & Faigy Zwiebel, along with volunteers from Chabad visit people who are homebound or in retirement homes throughout the State, bringing them joy and inspiration which they so desperately seek and certainly deserve.

Being immobile is a sobering experience: things taken for granted are suddenly scarce, and patients almost always find themselves reevaluating their life's priorities. There is often no better time for compassionate guidance and support, and the representatives of Chabad supply it in ample measure.

On many occasions we bring Challah or flowers before Shabbat, good cheer, holiday spirit and hope to those who have the gift of age or the challenge of disability.

"We are dedicated to bringing joy and a smile to the faces of all the residents. Many people benefiting from this program have said that our visits are the highlight of their week, especially when I bring my children," says Faigy Zwiebel, founder of Connect2.