"The counselors were experienced, loved the kids, and made it a fun, welcoming, and Jewish educational environment.  The kids were really proud of their own prayer books they put together.  The learned some prayers and continued singing those prayers after they came back, and immediately spoke about going back next summer.  Also, they and their friends now have a Jewish summer camp connection.  The counselors, the Rabbi and his family, and everyone else involved made it a place where kids had a wonderful time and became even more proud of being Jews.  With so many negative influences that our children face today, we are truly blessed to be able to have our children experience the love of life, learning, sharing, singing and Judaism that this Camp Gan Israel brings."

The Reinman Family


"My Children very much enjoyed the many activities offered at Chabad day camp, especially swimming, arts and crafts and Challah baking.  We also appreciated the loving energy of the staff and the spirit of cooperation fostered between the campers.  It was a great experience for my children, and I highly recommend it to others!"

Ellen Marks


Things that we all loved about Camp Gan Israel:

“Finding the hidden watermelon on a hot summer day, cracking it open and eating it!”

“The counselors, Rochel and Etty, were funny, full of energy, and super nice!”

"Making new friends with other Jewish kids”

The games were unique and fun”” It was fun learning new songs and singing them, in Hebrew”

“The day trip to the Kids Zone was incredible!”

Sally & Noah


“The reason I want people to come to Camp Gan Israel is this camp is not like any other kind of camp!  It is a lot of fun.  You go on great field trips and do all kinds of fun activities and songs!  I really encourage you to come! It was so much fun!  I can’t wait until this year’s camp!”



“Camp Gan Israel is lots of fun.  In Camp Gan Isarel there are a lot of things to do.  You sing Jewish songs. You go blueberry picking.  You go to the waterslides.  You get to do Twin day and Superhero day.  You do projects. You do hunts. Every time you do something good you get some points and win great prizes.  It’s lots of fun and if I were you I would go to Camp Gan Israel to join all the fun you can do.”



"My son and daughter, Aaaron and Isabel attended Camp Gan Israel last summer and LOVED it!  We drove over from Klamath Falls and it was totally worth the drive.  Challah baking at Rabbi and Faigy’s house was one of the highlights, but they enjoyed each activity (swimming, crafts, trips) and the loving attention of their counselors, Rachel and Etty.  They learned lots of songs which they still sing and compiled their lessons in a book which we still read.  We are looking forward to Camp Gan Izzy this summer."

Ellen and Martin Argall