White Aleph Champ:

2007 aleph champ shavuot 018.jpg



Unfortunately we started the aleph Champ program in middle of the year and due to other commitments Sara was only able to attend a few times.  But we enjoyed having you join us for those few weeks and we look forward to having you with us next year full time.




Red Aleph Champs:

2007 aleph champ shavuot 010.jpg

Ben joined us in the middle with his sister, joining us for 3 weeks and he already knows most of the letters of the Aleph Bet.  Being the youngest in the class that wasn’t an easy accomplishment.







2007 aleph champ shavuot 019.jpg 

Gena has achieved a lot and knows most of the letters of the Aleph Bet really well.  Keep up the great work!









Orange Aleph Champs:

2007 aleph champ shavuot 015.jpg


Wow! It’s remarkable how much you’ve achieved in such a short time, in only 3 weeks.  From mastering  all the letters of the aleph bet from scratch to actually beginning to read words.  We’re so proud of you!





 2007 aleph champ shavuot 016.jpg

William mastered all the letters and the Aleph Bet and is very excited to finally be able to read words.  William brings a lot of spirit to all the aleph champs with his great enthusiasm and excitement to learn and become a master aleph champ. Keep up the great work!





 Purple Aleph Champs:

2007 aleph champ shavuot 014.jpg Eryl has really achieved a lot; in only 9 short weeks passing a level almost every week.  You’ve not only mastered all the letters of the aleph bet, but you’ve also mastered all the vowels, the exceptions and can now read from any Hebrew text.  We’re really proud of how well you’ve done.

   Rayna Zohar - Blue Aleph Champ  


Rayna began the Aleph champ program knowing all the aleph bet and most of the vowels and was afraid of being the only one in the class that knew how to read.  Well now after passing a few levels, Rayna is practicing her reading fluency and she has some company as well.  Good Job!


 2007 aleph champ shavuot 017.jpg

Eliana didn’t stop amazing us by how fast she flew through all the levels from white all the way through purple in just a few weeks and is now reading fluently.  We are absolutely amazed at her progress.  Keep up the great work.