Hear what people have to say about the Torah study Class!

“For most of my 66 years I have participated in Jewish education classes throughout the United States.  And unquestionably I have learned more in one hour from each of Rabbi Avi's classes than from a year of study everywhere else.  From a person less than half my age I am constantly amazed not only at the vast depth and breadth of his Judaic knowledge. His amazing ability to communicate very complex ideas in relevant, understandable, and practical ways of living a, highly ethical life daily evolve in every class.
        He accomplishes all this in the most gentle, tolerant, and non-judgmental ways regardless of every student's religious upbringing.  For all these reasons I look forward to studying with and learning from Avi for the next 66 years.”          
              Lee Perlman

        "I look forward to our Thursday Torah study. In the short hour, Rabbi Avi’s methods and use of various English sources is making the Torah’s lessons meaningful and vibrant.  It is clear via our active participation a thirst for greater learning is apparent to us all."
              Gary Acheatel

        "Our previous knowledge of the Torah was almost nonexistent and each weekly study session is very informative and thought provoking.
        The questions, answers, stories, and discussion are exciting and addictive and we eagerly look forward to each class."
         Morton & Razy Brookler

        “Rabbi Avi’s Torah class suits my spiritual appetite.  Having grown up Reform, I lack a Torah background yet "yearn to learn". Rabbi Avi leads an entertaining Torah discussion with enthusiasm and knowledge. The 60 minute discussion of Torah stories fascinates me, stimulates me intellectually, and helps to address my spiritual cravings.  I leave class on an emotional "high".  Try it!”   
         Dennis Goldstein

        “We have thoroughly enjoyed sitting with Rabbi Avi and members of the Torah Study group that he leads on Thursday.  Rabbi Avi guides us through the weekly Torah portion and evokes lively responses from the group.  He keeps us on target as he maintains the focus of Torah.  The interaction among the group is stimulating and leads to rich discussion and insights that enrich our lives. “
         Sheldon & Florence Slomowitz