Shabbaton in Trinidad

April 2015

Please join The Chabad Community of Ashland and the Jewish community of Humboldt County, CA for an inspirational Shabbaton in Trinidad, CA.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific, while basking in the joy of Shabbat, the depths of Torah and delicious food.

Program includes: all meals, lodging, children’s program, and a whole Shabbat full of relaxation, inspiration and fun.

Optional: Sunday, enjoy a variety of activities: beautiful scenic hikes, kayaking, surfing, boating, whale watching, biking, horseback riding, and more.

if you would like to rent your own home please call 707-834-6555 or log onto and ask for the 20% discount for the Shabbaton


It’s not too late to reserve.  Call us today at 482-2778.

For pictures of Trinidad click here (Approx. 31/2 hrs from Ashland).



Enjoy a peaceful vacation in beautiful Trinidad. Refresh your body and soul together on this action packed Shabbat. 

Program begins Friday evening through Sunday morning and includes: all meals, lodging, Kabbalah hike, and a whole Shabbat full of relaxation, inspiration and fun!

Friday night:

6:30 pm Arrive and settle in

7:00 pm Welcoming Shabbat with song and joy!

7:30 pm Gourmet Shabbat dinner


Shabbat Day:

9:00 am mystical concepts in chasidism 

10:00 am slow meaningful davening.   PRAYER

11:00 am "Torah Entertainment"         STUDY

12:30 pm Kiddush                             SOCIAL

2:30 pm approx. (after lunch)  hike the trails of patrick's point state park

7:30 pm "Ethics of our fathers" class & Seudat Shlishit followed by Chassidic melodies. 

9:00 pm Evening Services followed by Havdallah under the stars.

10:00 pm Kumzitz with guitar by the bonfire



7:00 am Shacharit

8:00 am Bagels, Lox & Torah